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Useful Tips

Helpful things to know when preparing your items:

  • Clothes sizes too big to lay flat in bin - fold several small piles in half

  • Examine garments under a bright light - florescent light shows stains best

  • Disinfectant & baby wipes makes cleaning toys & equipment easy

  • Magic Erasers remove marks on hard plastic & shoe midsoles

  • Zout & Oxi-clean work great on stains – pre-wash or soak overnight

  • Downy Wrinkle Release - spray & stretch to remove light wrinkles

  • Grease spot - pour rubbing alcohol on it, let sit for 15 minutes - wash

  • Unfold shirt collars to see neck staining & fading at fold crease

  • Long sleeve shirts - check bottom of cuff where it rubs on surfaces

  • Pilling - scrape with pumic stone to remove pilled balls

  • Loose string - pull it to make sure it isn't stitching unraveling

  • Use a small crochet hook to fix a simple pull on a knit garment

  • Needs Batteries - buy discount brands, you'll save money.

  • Mixing battery brand names can cause some toys to not work properly

  • No manufacture name on toy? Bring original packaging or website link

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