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Our Story


The Elephant's Trunk

Children's Consignment Shop

In September 2000, The Elephant's Trunk Children's Consignment Shop opened as a one room shop in a historic house on Main Street.  It didn't take long for the shop to become a favorite in the neighborhood!  Thanks to loyal customers and consignors, the shop has grown to now ooccupy the entire house!  Even though our local community is our main focus, we also have repeat customers from all parts of the USA and world!

We are committed to providing our customers with an extensive variety of items at a reduced and fair price.  We set ourselves apart by being well stocked, extremely organized and family friendly.  It is our mission to help families stretch their budget and provide quality products at a reasonable price.  

Stop by and visit -  You never know what you'll find at The Elephant's Trunk. You can come with a shopping list or simply browse through our aisles... no matter your agenda, you'll enjoy it.  Many have said it's better than shopping at a mall - so many fabulous brands and a huge selection of mixed inventory ALL under one roof.  Of course - our new and gently used items are sold at a fraction of retail prices!

We're here to help -  If you are short on time or are looking for a specific item - let us know.  We know our inventory and will know if it's in stock and will even walk you right to it.  

WARNING:  Our shop is known to become habit forming. 

Meet the Owner!

Hi! My name is Barbara. I am a mom to two amazing children, I am a kid at heart, and I love to be busy! Shopping, organizing, and having fun are a few of my favorite things to do. That’s what I have loved most about owning The Elephant’s Trunk, as it enables me to do all three! I love children and have always had an interest in kids, clothing, and fashion. Organizing is one of my strongest passions (I can’t help myself☺), which works well in a children’s consignment shop because lots of toys, little shoes, and tiny garments could quickly become a disaster zone! You’ll see me constantly tidying and rearranging, which keeps me busy and keeps the shop looking good. Knowing if I have an item in my inventory and where it is located in the shop is my specialty! I really enjoy helping my customers shop when they need assistance in finding specific things. I love it when I’m asked to brainstorm and pull together items for a homemade costume, search my inventory to help find a gadget for a school project, coordinate garments for a family photo shoot, or to simply to help match an outfit! As for fun… well, I get to test all the toys, put together puzzles, try on silly hats, and read kids books!



My shop is my favorite success story. For nearly 20 years I had talked about wanting to own a children’s consignment shop. I finally mustered up the courage to follow my dream and purchased this shop in 2010. It has been a fun and interesting journey of growing and improving the shop all while getting to know my customers, their children, and even family pets! I truly love what I do and am grateful for the need it fills in the community. I am also thankful for the support our community has provided to me as a small business. Running a small business has its challenges, but when customers express how thankful they are for my shop, it makes it all worthwhile. I thrive on the little daily rewards, like getting to see the excitement of the kids when they walk into my store… they say and do some of the cutest things! It’s rewarding when parents tell me how much their kids love my shop and ask if they can go to “that cool store” or “the fun place”. I have so much fun interacting with the kids and love it when I get to hold babies! You know what else makes my day? When my customers get excited because they found exactly what they were looking for. Yes, we even do happy dances!


My mission is to provide the community with a warm and welcoming place to shop that eases the financial impact of raising children, but doesn’t compromise quality or condition. My goal is for my shop to become your kid’s favorite place to visit, your favorite store for retail therapy, and the family’s choice for a little outing. I describe my shop as an “extremely organized & well stocked wagon.” My hope is that everyone can browse without pressure and find a little something to take home. My customers always say the longer they stay, the more they find! Remember, if I don’t have what you need, I’ll offer other suggestions of where else to look in the community. As the old saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child... we're part of your village!

Happy Baby
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