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Our Standards

All items are required to be in excellent condition, clean & odor free.  Clothing must be laid out flat, styles current, and infant outfits matched together.  Do not fold clothing individually, do not use hangers. We do not accept used undergarments or socks.


When processing your order, we will inspect each item for specific things to determine if it's acceptable for consigment.  Learning our standards will increase the chance of us accepting what you drop off.   

Recalls - We check for recalls.  All items must have a manufacturer name. 

Remember the BATTERIES - Batteries MUST be working and be installed prior to drop off. If the battery cover is missing, we can’t accept it.  

Equipment & Baby Gear must be working properly, have all original parts installed and have no sun fading or plastic discoloration.

Toys must have all pieces and be checked that all functions work. Toys should not have any sun fading, discoloration, writing, stickers, or cracked/peeling labels. Toys with multiple pieces, parts & accessories should be placed together in a bag.

Games/Puzzles must have all pieces counted and be in the original box that is in good condition.  Games must have instructions.

DVDs must be wiped clean, no cracks/scratches and be in original case.

Books must be free of writing, tears, rips, bends and be in excellent condition.

Outdoor Items must be rust free and in good condition, tires fully inflated and holding air, rechargeable batteries must have a full charge.

Shoes - no scuffs, marks, dirt, worn insoles, or stained / missing laces

Clothing - in "like new" condition that meet the following criteria:

  • Quality Name Brand

  • Clean / Freshly Laundered 

  • Free of Stains, Spots, Pen Marks 

  • Free of Pet Hair / Lint 

  • No Buttons/Sequins/Beads /Snaps missing, cracked, unraveling or loose

  • No Fabric Flaws - Pilling, Tears, Rips, Holes, Fraying, Snags, Pulls, Unraveled Stitching

  • No Discoloring/Fading 

  • No Alterations

  • Minimal Wrinkles

  • Not Inside Out

  • Name brand label and size tags are attached and readable

  • No Personal Names & Phone Numbers

  • Screenprinted graphics not cracked, peeling or have offensive content


Place garments in a container - to see acceptable containers and quantities click here: How to Drop Off.

  • Do not overstuff your container - wrinkled clothing won't sell

  • Lay each garment flat - do NOT FOLD individually or hang

  • For larger clothes - fold small PILES in half to fit them in your container

Happy Baby
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