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How to Consign

Thinking about Consigning?  Here are the basics...

1.  Clean and inspect your items: Make sure your items are in excellent condition and ready to sell. Clothing must be laid out flat and outfits matched together and brought in during the correct season. Shoes must be free of  scuffs with laces and soles clean.  Click here to see the seasonal clothing schedule. Toys and equipment must have all pieces accounted for and batteries must be working.

2.  Drop off your items:  You don't need an appointment! Drop off your items any day we are open, but no later than a half hour before closing time. Our Drop & Dash system works great with busy schedules - click here to learn how Drop & Dash works.


3.  We inspect it:  We select items for our store based on condition, brand, demand, etc. Click here to see what we look for when we inspect

4.  We hang it / display it:  We put the items on hangers on & package toys for display.

5.  We price it:  We research and set all prices then put your item on the sales floor. Your consignment period begins the day your item is priced.

6.  Start earning money:  If your item sells during your consignment period, you earn 40% of the selling price! You can check your account balance anytime the shop is open. Your account balance may be used as store credit or you may request a payout.

Click here to learn more details about consigning.

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